Our fleet of Booms consist of market leading Genie JLG and Nifty Lift units.

Complimenting Scissor Lifts, Booms offer more versatility when it comes to accessing the operator’s place of work.

Designed with straight stick or articulating boom, these machines can reach over, and in some cases, rotate around obstacles.

We offer working heights up to just over 28m with a variety of engine types - diesels, electric
or dual fuel.

All maintained and thoroughly inspected to comply with current Health and Safety Legislation.

Our experienced team will be able to offer advice on the most suitable machine for the job.

Articulating - Rough Terrain - Diesel

Name Platform Height Working Height Details
JLG 340AJ 10.31m 12.31m View Details
Genie Z34/22IC 10.62m 12.62m View Details
JLG 450AJ 13.72m 15.72m View Details
Genie Z45/25J RT 14.07m 16.07m View Details
Genie Z60/34 18.39m 20.39m View Details
JLG 600AJ 18.47m 20.47m View Details
Genie Z62/40 18.87m 20.87m View Details
Genie Z80/60 23.77m 25.77m View Details
JLG 800AJ 24.38m 26.38m View Details

Straight Stick - Rough Terrain - Diesel

Name Platform Height Working Height Details
Genie S65 19.8m 21.8m View Details
Genie S-65 XC 19.81m 21.81m View Details
JLG 660SJ 20.32m 22.32m View Details
Genie S85 25.9m 27.9m View Details
JLG 860SJ 26.21m 28.21m View Details

Articulating - Electric

Name Platform Height Working Height Details
JLG Toucan 10E 8.10m 10.10m View Details
Genie Z30/20N RJ 8.89m 10.89m View Details

Articulating - Bi-Energy/Hybrid

Name Platform Height Working Height Details
Genie Z-33/18 10m 12m View Details
Niftylift HR12N 10.2m 12.2m View Details
Genie Z34/22JBi 10.52m 12.52m View Details
Genie Z45/25JBi 13.94m 15.94m View Details
Niftylift HR17N 15.2m 17.2m View Details
Genie Z60/37FE 18.16m 20.16m View Details
Nifty HR21 18.8m 20.8m View Details
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