High Pressure Compressors

High Pressure Compressors

A range of compressors operating at 12 bar with free air delivery starting at 370 and rising to 900cfm. All models are fitted with spark arresters and chalwyn valves which promotes safety especially within the Petro Chemical Industry.

World renowned manufacturers Atlas Copco and Ingersoll Range have supplied all our units with the latest additions benefiting from modern emission controlled engines. A range of accessories including pressure reducing valves, desiccant dryers, filter packs and water traps are available to assist in the delivery of clean air.

These compressors are used in a variety of industries including, Engineering, Petro Chemical, Civil Engineering and Piling. The list could go on.


Name Free Air Delivery Operating Pressure Details
Atlas Copco XAHS186 371cfm 12bar View Details
Ingersoll Rand 14/115 400cfm 14bar View Details
Atlas Copco XAHS237 500cfm 12bar View Details
Ingersoll Rand 12/235 825cfm 12bar View Details
Atlas Copco XAHS426 901cfm 12bar View Details
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